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PowerCore® TEC-10 Controller

Murphy’s PowerCore® TEC-10 panel provides full control of your engine including auto start/stop, auto throttling and display of both engine parameters and critical faults from the engine/application. The TEC-10 supports SAE J1939 CAN protocols for electronically governed engines as well as analog sensors on mechanical engines for fault and safety warnings/shutdowns.

The TEC-10 follows a standard operating sequence of 22 machine states that happen in a predetermined order. The machine states may be set to zero, if not needed, or adjusted to fit the application. The incredibly versatile menu structure allows parameters and settings to be changed from the face without the need of a PC tool, if desired. This flexibility allows for the same control panel to be used across a wide range of applications while providing operator consistency and familiarity.


tec-10 front view
tec-10 tilted view


Designed as a plug-and-play solution, the TEC-10 may utilize a free PC configuration tool that allows customers to change default settings as well as providing three levels of passcode protection. The rugged TEC-10 panel may be mounted directly to the engine or engine/application cover. Built to endure industrial environments from full sun to wide temperature ranges, the panel features a high degree of sealing for dust and water as well as the ability to withstand high vibration.

The control panel features molded, industry-standard connectors mating with Deutsch HDP series connectors and is compatible for use on the simplest mechanical engine to the most advanced, fully electronic Tier 4 engines. Murphy's Industrial Harness or John Deere's OEM engine harnessing is required.



•  Turnkey Electronic Controller
•  Supports SAE J1939 CAN protocols
•  Change settings from the face of the panel
•  Rugged panel withstands dust, water and vibration
•  Can be utilized across many applications providing familiarity for users



murphy TEC-10 controller


Additional Information:



•  Interface:
Display: Monochrome HR-TFT 2.7 in./ 68 mm, WQVGA (400 x 240 pixels)
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian
(3) LEDs: green (mode), yellow (warning) and red (shutdown)

•  Operator controls:
(11) Raised silicone keypads, tactile feedback
(1) Rotary switch, power on/off
(1) Push-switch (red), engine stop

•  Power Supply:
Operating Voltage: 8-32 VDC, reverse battery polarity and load dump protected
Cranking Power Holdup: 0 VDC up to 50 mS (also good for brownout/blackout instances)
Current consumption: Power on in stopped state; 117 mA at 12 VDC. Power on in standby mode; 52 mA at 12 VDC.

•  Inputs (9):
(5) Digital, configurable (active on High, Low, Open)
(3) Analog, configurable (4-20 mA, 0-5V, resistive or digital ground)
(1) Frequency, supporting: Magnetic pickup (30 Hz - 10 kHz, 2.0 VAC-120 VAC) and Engine Alternator (30 Hz - 10 kHz, 4.5 VRMS - 90 VRMS)

•  Outputs (8):
(2) Relay, switched +DC, 10A
(1) Relay, Form C (dry / volt-free), 10A
(2) Low-side FET (–DC), 1A
(2) High-side FET (+DC), 1A
(1) Dedicated Alternator Excitation, +DC, 1A

•  Communications:
(1) CAN: J1939
(1) RS485: Modbus RTU

•  Mating Connectors:
21 Position, Deutsch HDP26-24-21SE
31 Position, Deutsch HDP26-24-31SE

•  Physical/Environmental:
Enclosure material: Polycarbonate
Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.59 x 7.34 x 5.20 in. (243.48 x 186.5 x 132.23mm)
Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
IP rating: IP67
Operating Temperature: -40° to +85° C (-40° to 185° F)
Storage Temperature: -40° to +85° C (-40° to 185° F)
Vibration: 7.86 Grms (5-2000 Hz), 3-axis random
Shock: ±50G, 3-axis


murphy TEC-10 controller

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murphy TEC-10 controller





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