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PowerView® PV101-C

The PowerView® Model PV101-C, Murphy's most compact display in the J1939 MurphyLink® family of components, provides a window into modern electronic engines and transmissions.

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This PowerView® display is a powerful multifunction tool that enables equipment operators to view standard engine and transmission parameters, as well as active and stored trouble codes on a single, compact screen. It has become the standard for users that need real-time monitoring, full diagnostics and multiple languages. The display can show either a single parameter or a quadrant display showing four parameters simultaneously. Diagnostic capabilities include codes with text translation for the most common fault conditions. The enhanced alarm indicators have ultra-bright alarm and shutdown LED's (amber and red).

The PV101-C Features:

Tier 4 Emissions Implementation - Three icons indicating Active Regeneration, Inhibit Regeneration, and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Restricted. Menu offers Auto DPF Regen and Request DPF Regen.

OEM Menu - A password protected menu offers access to MODBUS Setup, Engine Speed Control ON/OFF, and other critical menu items that require restricted access.

Torque Speed Control (TSCI) - Allows user to set run speed via CAN if supported by engine manufacturer.

Additional 4-Up Screen - Allows user to have two 4-Up screens to toggle between. Second user configurable screen is defaulted to show Tier 4 parameters: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Level, DPF Active Regen Status, Exhaust Filter Outlet Temperature, and Exhaust Filter Inlet Temperature.

Multiple Language Options - Standard PV101-C Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Five languages have been added (each with specific model numbers): Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Sender Input - select between backlight dimmer function or fuel level. Can be calibrated to use non-Murphy fuel senders.

Service Reminders - Five service reminders allow users to set hours for: Change Engine Oil, Change Air Filters, Change Hydraulic Oil, Service Engine, and Service machine.

Select Source Address - select the exact address the PV101-C will claim on the bus.

Select CANBUS Data Rate - allows user to select CANBUS data rate.

PV101-C Configuration Studio® - allows users to create, view, edit and download configurations for the PV101 using their computer. Murphy's Configuration Studio® software is available for purchase as an option. It is NOT included with your purchase of the PV-101C display.

The PowerView® PV101-C displays 70 standard SAE J1939 parameters broadcast by engine and transmission ECU's. Up to 32 components may be linked to the PV101-C using a simple daisy chain wire connection scheme using RS485. The PV101-C and all connected components can be powered by either 12 or 24 volt systems.

PowerView® Configuration Tool: Version 3.2

Murphy has released a new software package that allows stationary and off-highway engine OEM's the ability to configure its PowerView display according to their needs. With the new PV101-C 3.2 software, engine manufacturers can now use a laptop computer to customize the PowerView 101-C display quickly and easily.

powerview configuration toolThe new software is in response to customer demand for a way to quickly change the parameters of the PV101-C display on their own. Prior to the availability of this software, the displays were configured by Murphy to meet a particular customer's needs before shipping.

Now OEM's can load their own specific display configurations in-house with a laptop, speeding their time to market. Anyone familiar with J1939 communications will be able to use the software's intuitive, drop-down menus to configure the interaction between the display and the engine. The software will also be helpful when testing prototypes prior to production, to make changes on engine displays, and for OEM's seeking ways to meet Tier 4 engine compliance.

The PV101 Configuration Tool enables you to modify features of the PV101-C including:

Parameters - Allows users to create proprietary and supporting parameters and then add them to their configurations along with the SAE J1939 parameters.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) - Allows the user to select and use DTC's as well as the ability to add custom corrective actions.

Service Reminders - Allows the user to set service reminders.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) - Allows the user to modify messaging structure and icons.

Modbus Gauges - Allows the user to use a proprietary PVA gage setup in that portion of the configuration tool.

Engine Configuration - Allows the user to add new parameters into the PV101 for viewing the configuration of the engine via SAE J1939 / PGN 65251 (if supported by engine manufacturer).



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