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EMS Pro Controller

The EMS PRO is a dedicated, micro-processor-based single-engine controller, with field-adjustable operating parameters that can be changed without the need for a laptop computer. An all-in-one customizable unit that meets the needs of engine-driven pumping equipment applications. It’s both rugged and flexible, designed for use across multiple engine lines, yet able to support both mechanical and J1939 electronic engines. For quick and accurate troubleshooting, the controller displays vital engine and equipment information including diagnostic codes, first-out shutdowns and/or alarms. It stores the last 10 engine shutdowns with a date-and-time stamp, and records engine and system information at the time of shutdown.

murphy EMS Pro controller

The EMS PRO is ideal for use with a remote modem or in a SCADA system offering Modbus RTU protocol on either the RS232 or RS485 port. The controller has selectable auto start/stop features with several throttling options, as well as manual operation. The auto start/stop options (Single Contact, Floats, Momentary, Transducer and Clock) are available at the touch of a button. As an example, the Transducer start/stop option includes three settings: pressure, level and temperature. In addition, there are many performance-enhancing features, all of which are available through a back-lit operator interface that is readable both day or night and very easy to use.


•  Supports Mechanical and J1939 Electronic Engines
•  Automatic Start/Stop
•  Designed for Interim Tier 4 Engines
•  Polycarbonate NEMA 4 Enclosure with Optional Clear Door
•  Backlit Graphical Display
•  Alarm & First-Out Shutdown LEDs (Amber/Red)
•  Wide Operating Temperature (-40° to 176°F)
•  Language Choice (English/Spanish)
•  Easy-set, Real-time Clock in 24-hour Format
•  Eight Touch Buttons, Key Selector Switch
•  Internet Ready Utilizing Modbus® RTU with Auxiliary Equipment
•  Battery-Saving “Sleep-Mode” Timer

murphy EMS Pro controllerAble to withstand a wide ambient temperature range, the EMS PRO comes standard in a polycarbonate NEMA 4 rated enclosure secured by four rubber shock mounts. Inside is a backlit graphical display visible in all types of conditions. Easily accessible touch buttons and a large, clear cover round out the compact, fully functional control unit. Operators can choose from many start/stop and throttling options, as well as manual starts and throttling with very basic training on both mechanical-control and electronic-control engines. Auto-start and time-stamping are quickly accomplished through the easy clock set-up. Other built-in functions include auto-start, engine running with no operator present, engine throttling to demand (pressure or level), service reminders and TSC1 speed control messages. For easy field wiring, the EMS PRO has two (2) Deutsch HDP connectors, 21 pin and 31 pin.


The EMS PRO has RS485, RS232 and J1939 CAN communication ports. The standard unit uses RS485 or RS232 for Modbus RTU. At the same time, the CAN port allows J1939 communication with the engine ECU to display engine parameters and control the throttle via TSC1 if supported by the engine.

The EMS Pro "Lite" Controller

Are you looking for an industrial pump controller tailored for specialized applications? You’re in luck! The EMS Pro Lite controller was designed with dewatering and irrigation applications in mind. The controller features a compact enclosure and focused feature set, including pressure, level and float start/stop types, for the ideal balance of functionality and control needed to perform specific application functions.

murphy EMS pro lite

The user-friendly interface on this compact, flexible industrial pump controller features eight touch buttons and a backlit graphical display visible in all types of conditions. The interface is mounted directly to the front of the NEMA 4 enclosure for easy access and operation.


•  Perfect for Dewatering and Irrigation Applications
•  Pressure, Level and Float Start/Stop Types
•  Backlit Graphical Display and Alarm Indicating LEDs
•  Tier 4 and Stage IIIB/IV ready
•  Wide Operating Temperature Range
•  Supports Mechanical and Electronic Engines

See the technical specifications for a full overview of EMS Pro Lite features.

murphy EMS pro lite diagram

Operating Voltage:  Engineered for 12VDC systems (8 VDC Minimum to 14.4 VDC Maximum)
Operating Temperature and Storage Temperature:  -40° to 80°C (-40° to 176°F)
Standby Current:  @ 12V, 140mA

Analog Inputs:  Six (6) designated via program; sender/ground digital, 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5VDC
Digital Inputs:  Four (4) high/low
Frequency Input:  One (1) optically isolated input for speed reference, mag p/u (30 – 10kHz)
Fuel Sender Input:  33 Ohm full, 240 Ohm empty
Analog Output:  One (1) dedicated for analog throttling (0.4 – 4.6VDC)
Digital Outputs:  Six (6) dedicated via program

Relays:  Two (2) SPDT Common NO wired, rated @ 8 Amps as installed
User Interface:  Eight (8) button membrane switch
Connectors:  One (1) 21 pin Deutsch HDP20 and One (1) 9 pin Deutsch HD10 Series
LEDs:  Two (2) – Alarm (Amber); Shutdown (Red)
CAN Bus:  SAE J1939 Compliant

Enclosure:  Polycarbonate Nema 4 (UL Listed)
Mounting:  Four (4) isolated 0.75 inch rubber shock mounts
Shipping Weight:  7 Lb. (3.2 kg)
Shipping Dimensions:  12 x 12 x 10 in. (304.8 x 304.8 x 254 mm)



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