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We Build, Program & Install Municipal Control Panels

MurCal Municipal has been automating engine and electric motor driven pumps for 60 years. Our municipal division was founded on the principle of developing efficient solutions to many of the control issues facing modernized water and sewage pumping stations, including flood control, sewage lift, well pumping and water booster applications. We build rugged, industry proven, SCADA system compatible control panels from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of the project.

The introduction of the Series 800 controller marks a renewed dedication to our customers. The Series 800 is an all-purpose engine controller, designed to meet the needs of nearly every municipality. The controller is designed to be a municipal-specific control platform, and incorporates the necessary hardware to efficiently execute these projects.

introduction to the Series 800 Municipal Controller
Series 800 Municipal Controller


•  Suitable for Booster, Well, and Flood Control Applications
•  Large 7” touch HMI with Rich, Full-Color Graphics
•  Single-Board Design Simplifies Maintenance
•  Wi-Fi or Cellular Modem Capable
•  Manual & Auto-Start Capable with Throttling Options


All-Around Simplicity

The Series 800 control platform embodies the culmination of the experience we have gained over nearly 60 years in the control business. We enhanced the standard features, lowered the cost, increased the connectivity options, and increased the configurability by basing the controller on Linux, an open-source operating system.

The Series 800 benefits from a simplified modular design. We've reduced installation and maintenance costs, while greatly increasing the quality and reliability of the product. The Series 800's single board design eliminates the majority of inter-panel wiring that is traditionally seen with PLC control panels, while retaining features such as true hardware interlocks for local and remote E-Stops.

The Series 800 has the ability to withstand a wide ambient temperature range, comes standard in a NEMA 4X rated enclosure and has an HMI display that is viewable in extreme environments.


municipal control pump station
municipal controller faceplate
municipal controller display screenshot


We Can Help You Exceed Emissions Standards

Many municipalities have an additional challenge outside of engine controls. An increasing number must meet or exceed a variety of engine emissions standards. Meeting these standards can be achieved by adding a plug-n-play Enovation Controls Air Fuel Ratio controller to the enclosure. AFR information is directly displayed on the existing Series 800 HMI display. Additionally, a Johnson Matthey emissions control solution including housing and elements may be required, based upon your emissions requirements.


WiFi and Cellular data accessible
municipal controllers in a pumping station


Automation: Efficiency Through Technology

MurCal believes in "efficiency through technology", using automation and remote monitoring. Automation is the use of various control systems for operating stationary internal combustion engines with minimal or reduced human intervention. Automation saves labor and allows for more efficient use of your equipment investment, by saving energy and materials while improving accuracy and precision. The ability to monitor and adjust operating parameters at your facility from a remote location is rapidly gaining favor with operators, allowing for increased productivity while reducing costly downtime.



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