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Senders & Sensors

Hewitt Industries designs and builds Signal Generators in a variety of configurations to accommodate your specific needs. We stock both the single signal, which sends a single 8 pulse signal from your engine's tach drive to your gauge or controller, and the dual signal model, which mounts to your engine's tach drive and sends two separate, identical signals to your tachometer, controller or other destination.

All signal generators ship with the male .187 round drive standard. You may need to purchase an additional adaptor for connection to your specific tach drive. Your new signal generator will not work without the correct drive adaptor in place. Take a closer look at these senders and sensors by clicking on each of the links below.

Signal Generators


hewitt industries signal generators

Hewitt Industries designs and builds Signal Generators in a variety of configurations.

Drive Adaptors


hewitt industries senders and sensors

Hewitt provides a variety of Drive Adaptors to match the tach drive of your particular engine. Adaptors are available in both male and female configurations. The drive adaptor is an integral component of the Signal Generators, shown above.

Magnetic Pickups


hewitt industries magnetic pickups

Magnetic Pickups for use primarily on tachometers and speed switches.


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