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Control Modules

The Hewitt Engine Control Modules are especially popular in the automotive, trucking and RV markets. The modules are designed to extend the life of your equipment and give you peace of mind.

These systems also save you money and protect your investment by monitoring your vehicle and taking care of details that are easily overlooked. Who hasn't accidentally left the headlights on, only to return to a dead battery? It could have been prevented with the battery discharge protection system in place. Our engine idle limiter can extend engine life by minimizing unnecessary engine idling and the dual pyrometer switch can signal you with an alarm when potential problems occur. Take a closer look at these helpful engine protection systems by clicking on each of the links below.

Battery Discharge Protection


hewitt industries battery discharge protection system

The Battery Discharge Protection System eliminates jump starts by protecting your batteries from deep discharging when the engine is stopped. The system is popular with automotive, trucking, recreational vehicle and marine markets because the system assures restart voltage and extends your battery life. You effectively eliminate jump starts.

Engine Idle Limiter Systems


hewitt industries engine idle limiter systems

The Engine Idle Limiter System is designed to shutdown the engine and any connected accessories five (5) minutes after the vehicle is stopped and the vehicle or trailer brakes have been applied. Minimizes unnecessary engine idling. The system works on both gas and diesel engines, stops fuel waste, and extends the life of your engine by reducing rpm count by millions per year. Available in both 12 and 24 volt models.

Dual Pyro Switch


hewitt industries dual pyro switch module

Hewitt Industries builds reliable Dual Pyro-Switch Modules for both 12 and 24 volt systems. Both systems have two thermocouple ins and two alarm outs. Set point adjustment is easy, so you can adjust one alarm for low setting and the other for high setting.


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