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The RG family of spring-operated regulators manage a variety of pressures, configurations, and sizes. These innovative regulators feature rugged construction, easy maintenance, and field-proven reliability. Models are designed to reduce high pressures down to working pressures. They include steel, aluminum, and brass housings, and a variety of both inlet and outlet pressure ratings, and a variety of NPT connection sizes.


RG10 Regulator

bmd rg10 high pressure regulator

The RG10 is a high pressure, direct spring operated pressure regulator. Its high pressure, heavy duty design makes it ideal for pressure regulation in the oil and natural gas industry. Typical applications include farm taps, first or second cut regulation, transmission to distribution, and many other high pressure processes. The RG10 also has the ability to be converted into a relief valve, and offers a NACE option for sour service.

National Competitors:  Wellmark 2001PR Top Gun, Mallard 5600, Fisher 630 Big Joe, BelGas P630

Benefits of Choosing BMD:  Field Interchangeable, Rugged Body and Spring Housing, NACE Option

RG20 Regulator

bmd rg20 high pressure regulator

The RG20 is a direct spring operated pressure regulator that can be used anywhere pressure regulation of natural gas, air, or other gas is required. During installation, its housing can be moved to one of four positions to save space. The RG20 was designed for easy maintenance by allowing access to the body without removing it from the line.


National Competitors:  Wellmark 2002PR Mighty Gun, Mallard 5646B, Fisher 627 Little Joe, BelGas P627

Benefits of Choosing BMD:  Field Interchangeable, Rugged Body and Spring Housing, NACE Option

RG30 Regulator

bmd rg20 air filter regulator

The RG30 is a compact, spring-operated regulator normally used to supply air or gas to pilots, positions or other pneumatic controls. It features an internal relief to help maintain an accurate downstream pressure, rugged aluminum housing construction with dual outlets and built-in micron filters.


National Competitors:  Wellmark W67FR Mini Gun II, Mallard 5602, Fisher 67CFR, BelGas P50, Norriseal 73-68-1

Benefits of Choosing BMD:  Field Interchangeable, Cost Effective, Reliable

RG40 Regulator

bmd rg20 high pressure air filter regulator

The RG40 is a compact, high pressure, spring-operated regulator designed to reduce high pressures down to working pressures. The standard unit features a rugged brass body and housing with a durable metal diaphragm and nylon disk for handling high pressure drops. Compact and cost effective design make it an ideal choice for chemical injection pumps, valve actuators or controllers.


National Competitors:  Wellmark W1301 Mega Gun II, Mallard 5660, Fisher 1301, BelGas P39, Meco

Benefits of Choosing BMD:  Field Interchangeable, Cost Effective, Reliable, Tee-Handle Option, NACE Option

RG50 Regulator

bmd rg50 pressure reducing regulator

The RG50 is a pressure reducing regulator with a wide variety of applications, including natural gas distribution systems, boilers, furnaces, and much more. The RG50 provides high accuracy, no atmospheric bleed, and a heavy main spring that provides a tight shutoff. With high-capacity pressure control and excellent low flow control, topped off with ease of maintenance, the RG50 is the perfect solution for pressure reducing applications.

National Competitors:  Fisher 99HP, BelGas P99

Benefits of Choosing BMD:  High Accuracy, No Atmospheric Bleed, Heavy Main Spring for Tight Shutoff, High Capacity Pressure Control



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