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PowerCore Management Enclosures

The PC10/PC20 Solid State Power Management Enclosures are fundamental building blocks of Blink Marine switching solutions aimed at meeting the tough demand of today’s marine and transportation markets.


blink powercore management enclosures

These units are the brains of the system. They receive requests from switches or keypads and handle these commands based on the current state of the system. The output may be the activation deactivation of a circuit or starting a timer function. The PowerCore then sends status data from system to keypads to turn on/off the LED indicators and backlighting.

Electrical Features

  •   12V or 24V nominal input voltage.
  •   100Ampere total PME input current carrying capability on the PC10 model.
  •   150Ampere total PME input current carrying capability on the PC20 model.
  •   12 switched circuits that include:
           •   Momentary, toggle, and time-out functions.
           •   Pulse-width modulation of output voltage for dimming capability.
           •   3 circuits rated up to 20A maximum continuous load, 9 circuits rated up to 15A.
           •   2 complete H-Bridge circuits for driving reversible motors.
  •   Parallelable output increases current rating.
  •   An electronic circuit breaker protects every circuits. The current ratio for each circuit can be set independently.
  •   Remote reset of any output circuitry fault through keypad.
  •   Input undervoltage lock down.


blink marine powercore top view blink marine powercore bottom view


Special Features

  •   CAN-bus compatible (CANopen/J1939 compliance available)
  •   Field programmability of electrical functions and current limit trip points available to authorized OEMs and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)
  •   4-circuit bypass for essential functions
  •   Optional N.O. relay contact


how the Blink Marine PowerCore Management Enclosure works






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