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Removable Inserts

We Have Over 1,000 Standard Icons Available to Support
the Most Flexible CAN Keypads on the Market

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Blink Marine’s PRO Series Keypads feature robust keys, and are the only ones currently on the market that boast removable inserts. The replacement system for individual inserts makes designing and modifying the layout of the keypads in the PKP-SI and PKP-LI Series simpler and more economical.

Available in Two Different Icon Insert Sizes

The PKP-SI Series uses small, 15mm plastic inserts for its compact design.

The PKP-LI Series is designed to use the larger, 24mm plastic inserts. Larger keys are easier to press, even while wearing gloves.

The new Blink Marine Insert Tool makes the fitting and replacing of the icon inserts extremely simple and safe. With contoured edges and streamlined design, it is perfect to support do-it-yourself use of the keypad.


blink marine insert tool
blink marine insert tool
blink marine insert tool


You Choose the Icons. You Manage Their Positions on the Keypad

The use of open CAN bus protocols (J1939, CANopen, RS485) makes keypads in the PRO Series perfect for both automotive and nautical markets. To help you choose what is right for your application, a selection of over one thousand different pre-existing laser etched icon inserts can be viewed. It is also possible to order customized inserts.

Take a moment to view each of the 3 Industry Insert Lists below to find the etched icon inserts that are perfect for you.


Industrial Automotive Icon List
Motorsport Icon List
Marine Icon List



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