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Throttle Control Cable Kit Family

Trombetta’s P613-K Series throttle control kit is designed for the ultimate in reliability. The solenoid kit consists of a three-wire dual coil solenoid, a solid state control module and stainless steel sheathed pull cable. The sheathed pull cable allows the solenoid to be mounted away from hostile environments, such as engine vibration and high temperature.

The throttle solenoid can be activated automatically or “on demand” to bring the idle speed to a pre-set high idle position. The electronic control module allows the solenoid to operate as a continuous duty device. When the module is wired as recommended, applying 12 VDC to the “+AUX” terminal applies voltage to the hold-in and pull-in coil of the solenoid. After 0.5 to 0.75 seconds, power is automatically removed from the pull-in coil. Power will remain at the hold-in coil until the 12 VDC signal is removed from the “+AUX” terminal.

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•  Ships fully assembled
•  Fits a majority of engine types
•  Adjustable stroke from 3/8” to 1-1/2” and 20 pounds of force
•  56” stainless steel pull cable / 46” sheathing
•  Easy to mount in crowded engine compartments
•  The solenoid will not burn out if cable is misadjusted
•  Can be controlled with a variety of switching devices
•  Immune from electrical system noise
•  Reverse polarity protected

The P613-K1 Series is offered in both 12V and 24V. The coils are fully encapsulated and able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions. The side-mount, three-wire solenoid has a maximum adjustable stroke of 1.5”. This solenoid provides 20 lbs net pull force and 40 lbs net hold force. The 12V model is rated at 70.5 “pull-in” amps and 0.9 “hold” amps, while the 24V models is rated at 36.4 “pull-in” amps and 0.5 “hold” amps. Typical applications include air compressors, utility trucks, stationary generators/welders, emergency vehicles, maintenance and construction equipment.


Browse through the menu below to download information for the P613-K Series Throttle Control Kit Family in PDF format:

trombetta throttle control kit literature

Sales Bulletin

Cable Kit Family


trombetta throttle control kit literature

Installation Instructions

P613-K (12 or 24 VDC)


trombetta throttle control kit literature

P613-K Series Throttle Kit

Specs & Dimensions

(P613-K / W-P613-18007)

trombetta throttle control kit literature

P613-K Series Throttle Kit

Replacement Cable Guide



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