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DC Contactors

Trombetta DC Contactors provide a robust and economical means to switch high currents in low voltage DC circuits. These DC contactors are suited for applications involving voltages up to 48VDC. Current capacity varies by family with inrush capacity reaching 800 amps and continuous carry capacity reaching 225 amps for the larger units.

The DC contactors allow these high currents to be turned on and off by switching current to the DC contactor’s coil. Coil current requirements range from less than .5 amps for continuous duty 48 volt DC contactors to several amps for low voltage intermittent duty DC contactors.

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trombetta bear dc contactor

Bear DC Contactor Family

This family earned the name "Bear" because of its strong construction and 225 amps continuous current carrying capability. While large in size, the Bear provides a reliable and economical solution to high current switching applications, such as portable vehicles carrying multi-battery systems. Available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt.

trombetta reversing polarity dc contactor

Reversing Polarity DC Contactor Family

This contactor provides a cost effective and simple solution for reversing polarity of permanent magnet DC motors. This is achieved by integrating two DC contactors into a single housing unit. Messy and labor intensive external jumpers are gone - along with the heightened risk of loose connections and short circuits. For both 12 and 24 volt systems.

trombetta defender dc contactor

Defender DC Contactor Family

The Defender is so tough it can handle environments with extreme temperatures, moisture and high vibration. It is designed to carry currents as low as 350 milliamps and as high as 200 amps. The Defender has built in Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) which protects other sensitive components in your system. 12 and 24 volt.

trombetta powerseal dc contactor

PowerSeal DC Contactor Family

The power you need for high amperage applications along with the sealed construction gives the PowerSeal its name. The PowerSeal's unique design allows it to be used in tough environmental conditions. If your application requires a sealed or submersible design, you must have the PowerSeal. For both 12 and 24 volt systems.

trombetta high performance plastic dc contactor

High Performance Plastic DC Contactor Family

This family's industry-leading 600 amp inrush capability and 5.25 volt pull-in voltage provide an extra margin of weld protection under the worst conditions. Robust 200 amp carry and interrupt capabilities ensure long life. The high temperature core assembly and brass carrier for the moving contacts stand up under punishing, cranking duty.

trombetta plastic dc contactor

Plastic DC Contactor Family

Strong, high temperature-resistant housings surround these versatile DC contactors, resulting in high efficiency. Produced in a variety of sizes and terminal configurations, these contactors are ideal for high volume, cost-sensitive applications, like driving electric motors, golf carts and floor sweepers. Available in 12 volt only.

trombetta metal dc contactor

Metal DC Contactor Family

These DC contactors are simple and robust workhorse devices, used when consistent quality and performance are required. Sized to fit a variety of high current switching and pole configurations, these contactors can be used on anything from golf carts to stationary machinery. They are able to handle high currents, both inrush and interrupt.


DC Contactor Basics

DC Contactor FAQ's

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