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LC Series Low Cost Engine Start Charger

sens nrg battery chargers

AC Input:
120 VAC, 60 Hz

Charger Output:
12 or 24 volts nominal, 3.5 amp electronic current limit

Output Ammeter, 2.5” scale, 5% accuracy

-10°C to +50°C operating temperature, 5% to 95% humidity

Premium Performance At A Low Price


 •  Accurate charging - delivers best battery performance and life in class

 •  Automatic 2-rate charging - offers fast charging and low water consumption

 •  Temperature compensation - eliminates the #1 cause of battery failure

 •  Current limited - protects charger from overload

 •  Non-corroding aluminum housing - resists corrosion, runs cool

 •  IBC seismic certification - meets latest building codes, no installation delays

Availability of Models

There are several models available that are not shown in the MurCal web store. Please review the Product Sales Bulletin for a listing of all the possible system configurations for this model. The image below shows the available options. Contact us with questions or to place an order.

sens nrg battery charger models


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SENS LC Series Engine Start Battery Chargers

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