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EnerGenius® IQ

Automatic DC Power Supply/Battery Charger

EnerGenius® IQ is a rugged utility-grade battery charger/rectifier with microprocessor control. The IQ delivers DC power and charges your battery, automatically tests battery performance, logs all relevant site data and clearly communicates results. An all-new charge control system reduces recharge time and cuts risk of overcharge.

sens energenius IQ battery charger

Key Features

 •  Built-in intelligence makes it easy to correctly configure charger for battery and site conditions.

 •  Battery check system automatically tests battery to reduce risk of unexpected application shutdown.

 •  Black box data recorder helps spot previously hidden problems and direct preventive maintenance.

 •  Advanced user interface, USB PC utility provide easy to understand system status and control.

 •  Dual microprocessors, digital load sharing minimize risk of single point failure.

 •  Constant voltage, current limited and filtered DC output.

 •  Simultaneously supplies smooth DC to critical loads, recharges the connected system battery and automatically maintains flooded lead-acid, VRLA, or nickel-cadmium batteries in peak condition.

 •  Dynamic Equalize Charge™ safely maximizes recharge performance while cutting risk of overcharge.

 •  Dynamic Equalize automatically adapts to each application in real time by compensating for depth of discharge, varying load, battery age and other variables.

 •  Lead-acid batteries frequently fail without warning. The on-board battery check system determines if your battery can support a connected continuous load without taking the battery offline or shutting down the charger.

 •  Dual microprocessors provide internal fault tolerance, and provide a level of system reliability superior to either conventional analog or single microprocessor-controlled chargers.

 •  Optional multi-function communications module extends the IQ’s capabilities to the network.

 •  CommsGenius provides Modbus networking (RS-485 and Ethernet), precise digital load sharing for two chargers, and PC-based charger setup & administration.

 •  Maximizes DC system reliability at lowest total cost.


sens energenius IQ CommGeniusThe CommsGenius is an accessory module located inside a SENS EnerGenius® IQ battery charger. The two primary functions are data communications and synchronizing of the operating modes of two digitally controlled IQ chargers including forced load sharing. Including the CommsGenius in an EnerGenius IQ battery charger provides the ability to monitor and/or configure the battery charger remotely using either serial or Ethernet connections. The CommsGenius is installed at the factory or can be added to IQ chargers in the field. Contact MurCal to determine if your charger qualifies as CommsGenius ready.

CommsGenius enables two modes of communication with the IQ charger: remote via Modbus or local via the USB maintenance port. Each communication method allows the user to adjust charger operating modes, view system settings, and adjust system settings.

1) Modbus Network – Remote Communication: If the remote communications processor daughter board was ordered, Modbus data communications will be available over either RS-485 (pluggable terminal block) or 10Base-T TCP/IP Ethernet (RJ-45 connector). Each of these ports is user configurable in the SENS IQ & CommsGenius Setup Utility program. The communications processor daughter board is installed at the factory or it can be added in the field to an existing CommsGenius. The SENS IQ & CommsGenius Setup Utility program is used to initially configure Modbus settings.

2) USB Maintenance Port – Local Communication: The USB maintenance port enables users to configure an IQ charger from a PC-based program called SENS IQ & CommsGenius Setup Utility. SENS IQ & CommsGenius Setup Utility also enables fast and accurate execution of settings stored ahead of time, as might be required to accurately change a fleet of chargers.


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The EnerGenius® IQ product line is not currently available in the MurCal web store. Please contact the inside sales department for availability, price quote and lead time.