Testo and MurCal Strike a Distribution Deal


December 14, 2009

Bob Murphy recently returned from a meeting with Testo's Craig McKim at the Power Gen Show in Las Vegas. While at the show, the two hammered out an agreement for MurCal to distribute select Testo products.

Testo is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of portable test and measurement instrumentation, specifically portable combustion efficiency analyzers and air emission analyzers. 

Bob explained his reasons for pursuing the Testo line. "It all comes down to emissions. There are some air quality regulations that have caused concern for many of our customers, since most are engine owners. The need for emission testing and process monitoring is greater than ever. Our aim is to provide the solutions that will keep these engines running in accordance with the new rules."

MurCal has reviewed Testo's portable analyzers and found the three portable analyzer kits that best fit the needs of our customers. These portable emission kits feature pre-calibrated measurement cells with electronics attached. The cells are as easy to change as batteries, and their long service life greatly reduces test gas adjustment intervals.

"Testo's 350 engine emission analyzer kit provides compliance level accuracy, great testing flexibility and high performance." Bob continued, "The exclusive sensor design, patented sample gas paths and active sample conditioning all come together for a lightweight, simple-to-use emission monitoring solution."

Additionally, MurCal will carry the 875 and 881 model thermal imagers. Thermal imagers quickly and reliably discover anomalies and weak spots in industrial maintenance and product monitoring. Problematic areas are detected before a malfunction occurs or fire risks occur.

"We've also decided to augment the emission analyzers with some related products", Bob said. "Testo's 318 Video Pro Scope is extremely helpful for examining hard-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight. The 308 Smoke Spot Tester eliminates hand pumping and smoke spot comparison guesswork with an automated digital smoke tester that can print results on a wireless printer. We are fortunate to be given the opportunity to bring our customers these great products from Testo."


For more information on our Testo product line, please click here.