MurCal Agrees to Distribute Turbine Air Starters From TDI

January 26, 2011

The TDI TurboTwin™ turbine air starters use a short blast of compressed air or natural gas, which is delivered across aerodynamic turbine blades to generate fast, dependable cranking power. Typically, we don't even consider our engine's starter until something goes wrong. Then, it's too late.

Tech Development's reliable TurboTwin™ turbine air starters are changing the way people view engine starts. The reliability of the TurboTwin™ design is evident on critical starting applications, especially applications in harsh oil and gas environments where traditional vane-type starters are prone to failure. They are also used in hazardous applications where a spark from a conventional starter could cause an explosion.

Bob Murphy, President of Murcal, believes the product line is a natural fit. He explains, "MurCal is making a concerted effort to bring a complete suite of engine control related solutions to our customers in the oil and gas industry. TDI's products are not only well known, but well respected. We are looking forward to providing our customers with an answer to their fundamental starting needs, and the TurboTwin™ family of turbine air starters is a move in the right direction."


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