MurCal Granted Final Certification for the SNGEC System

July 2, 2015

On June 29, 2015 MurCal was granted Final Certification by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District under District Rule 4702 (Internal Combustion Engines) for the Stationary Natural Gas Emission Compliance (SNGEC) System. Rule 4702 requires that an agricultural, rich-burn, spark-ignited IC engine must reduce exhaust emission levels to less than or equal to all of the following limits, corrected to 15% exhaust oxygen content: 90 ppmvd-NOx, 2,000 ppmvd-CO, and 250 ppmvd-VOC.

MurCal is in a unique position in the market. After a two year certification process, starting with the conditional certification in 2013 and culminating with the current final certification, MurCal became the only applicant to successfully complete the District’s certification process. More information can be found here.

MurCal’s SNGEC add-on emission control system consists of the following components:

•  Compliance Controls (FW Murphy) AFR (1R, 9R, 64R) air/fuel ratio controller
•  Johnson Matthey Model Modulex B or Modulex C 3-way catalyst
•  Zirconia HEGO type oxygen sensor(s)
•  Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor
•  Two Type K thermocouples

The SJVAPCD requires each engine owner/operator to stay in compliance with Rule 4702 by adhering to certain responsibilities, as outlined in MurCal’s Final Certification letter, available here.

MurCal is currently selecting and training several SNGEC System Certified Installers located in the San Joaquin Valley. MurCal is committed to not only supply the technology, but to provide personal service through the completion of your installation, to ensure that your SNGEC System is installed correctly and works to your expectations. A list of installers can be found here.

With the Stationary Natural Gas Emission Compliance (SNGEC) System from MurCal, farmers gain a reliable solution to emissions compliance.