MurCal Completes Emissions Source Test at Maddox Farms

June 4, 2013

MurCal, in conjunction with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and Maddox Farms, was conditionally certified to supply an add-on emission control system for stationary rich-burn, spark-ignited, internal combustion engines rated up to 365 horsepower, used commonly in agricultural irrigation. The conditional certification, phase one of a two phase certification process, is in accordance with District Rule 4702.

The latest compliance source test was completed on two stationary natural gas-fired rich-burn IC engines owned by Maddox Farms, a leading producer of wine grapes, corn, alfalfa, almonds, grains and winter forage, based in Riverdale, CA. For over fifty years, the Maddox family’s 12,000 acres of farmland and dairy farming operations have relied upon┬ánatural gas to fuel their engine driven stationary pumps. Michael Saltzman, of Saltzman Auto Electric & Equipment in Tulare, supervised the emission equipment installation and final preparation of two Cummins engines. Each add-on "Saltzman Compliance System" consisted of a Johnson Matthey Model CXX8-3 3-way catalyst module, a Compliance Controls Model AFR-1 air/fuel ratio controller, and a Bosch Model LSU 4.2 oxygen sensor.

maddox farms source test

Maddox Farms chose a Cummins turbo-charged GTA855 rated at 304 horsepower and a Cummins naturally aspirated G855 rated at 200 horsepower for the SJVAPCD certification process, which required the installation and operation of a catalytic converter and air fuel ratio controller on the subject engines. The two internal combustion engines were tested for concentrations of NOx, CO and VOC using CARB Method 100 (for NOx and CO) and EPA Method 18 (for VOC).

Joey Mier, MurCal’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development, reported that this emission control system reduced NOx and CO emissions to a level well below the Rule’s standards and requirements. “We felt that the compliance testing procedure would confirm what we already know and what we feel comfortable recommending to our customers, an answer to emission compliance”, stated Joey. “We've developed a turn-key, pre-packaged emission compliance solution for agricultural natural gas engine operators in the San Joaquin Valley. Our package includes equipment, custom installation and preliminary certification for emissions compliance with the SJVAPCD.”

maddox farms source test

MurCal is presently working with farmers in the San Joaquin Valley that operate natural gas fueled internal combustion engines, rated at greater than 50 brake horsepower, powering water irrigation pumps. With the latest emission control system from MurCal, farmers gain a reliable solution to emissions compliance.