MurCal Seminar Series

MurCal Hosts Two "Emission Compliance Seminars"

June 10, 2011

On June 8th and 9th, MurCal hosted two informational seminars, featuring industry experts from Step 2 Compliance, EmeraChem, Testo, Compliance Controls and Murphy Power Ignition, focusing on how related emission compliance products work together to meet emission standards on stationary rich-burn natural gas engines.

The first morning, June 8th, MurCal representatives met with customers and prospects in Irvine. After Bob Murphy welcomed those in attendance and introduced the speakers, Brian Kromer of Step 2 Compliance kicked off the seminar with an engaging introduction to current air board rules and regulations. He explained how various technologies work together, in the face of increasing regulations, to keep engine operators in compliance with their local air quality district. Brian was followed by Chris Segura from Testo, who spoke about portable emission analyzers, Matthew Loy of EmeraChem, manufacturers of catalyst elements, housings and silencers, and Darrell Schmitt from FW Murphy, specializing in air fuel ratio controllers from Compliance Controls and ignition control products from Murphy Power Ignition. Catered lunch was wedged somewhere in-between. Each of the speakers presented some great information and answered questions as they arose.

On the second morning, June 9th, MurCal representatives met with customers and prospects in Bakersfield. The presentation was exactly the same, however the customers, prospects and industry professionals were from the Central Valley. "The seminars were well received by everyone in attendance" said Terri Stock, MurCal's Southern California Regional Sales Manager. "I think those that took an active part in the presentation and those that asked questions were rewarded with timely, relevant information regarding what to look for over the next five years in terms of air board compliance. Many of our customers had no idea that we are ready to help them with catalyst element washing and replacement or with a portable emission analyzer. This was a good day."

MurCal's goal was to educate and inform. To share experience with a sprinkling of wisdom and to open a few doors to new opportunity. MurCal believes that their goal was met. "Each of the seminars was operationally smooth and the guest speakers were generous with their knowledge" said Lane Vallier, MurCal's Marketing Manager. "We certainly learned a couple of things about hosting a series of seminars. We plan to take this experience and use it to make our next seminar series more compelling."