MurCal's "LumberJack" Complements Murphy's EMS Pro Controller

February 17, 2012

Several years ago MurCal introduced the LumberJack LJ-1 Remote Control and Data Logger. The LJ-1 was developed to address the need to monitor and log data conveniently on engine driven equipment that is remotely located. The LumberJack package includes a data logging module and a wireless data modem. The LJ-1 connects to the wireless data modem via its onboard ethernet connection, allowing remote viewing, control and access to the site through a standard web browser interface. Jacob Billeter, Applications Engineer at MurCal, explained, "Using an onboard RS-485 port, the LumberJack connects to standard engine instrumentation like Murphy's PowerView family, the EMS228 and the new EMS Pro controller."

Murphy's EMS Pro is a flexible, all-in-one customizable engine monitoring system controller that meets the needs of engine driven pumping equipment applications. It has selectable auto start/stop features with several throttling options. The EMS Pro controller offers field-adjustable operating parameters and supports both mechanical and J1939 electronic engines. Jacob continued, "The EMS Pro afforded us the perfect opportunity to combine an engine controller with our LumberJack wireless data logger. MurCal mounted both into the same NEMA 4 enclosure and programmed them specifically for a Deutz 914 at the World Ag Expo in Tulare."

At the show, held from February 14-16 at the International Agri Center, MurCal successfully demonstrated this new control system on the Deutz. Using a laptop, the user was able to log into their admin account and dial into the "remote" engine. Once the engine was online, the user was able to start the engine and monitor pre-programmed engine parameters. After a few minutes, the system was programmed to cool down, then shut down.

Tyrone Hunter, MurCal's Regional Sales Manager in the San Joaquin Valley, was very positive about the union of the two components in the agricultural market. "It's a perfect combination. The EMS Pro is the most flexible controller on the market and its range of features really hits the mark. The LumberJack is a time saver, which means it's a money saver. And with the data logging capabilities, don't forget peace of mind. Knowing my engine will send me a text message if a certain programmed parameter is met or fault code is reached affords me peace of mind."


UPDATE:  Effective April 1, 2016, development of the LumberJack Network Data Logger has been discontinued.