MurCal Introduces the "LumberJack" Network Data Logger

February 9, 2010

The recent Tulare Ag Show was a time of great excitement and purpose as MurCal introduced the new LumberJack Network Data Logger to show attendees. Inquiries were strong at the MurCal booth, while a working demo unit was being shown at the Killingsworth Gear booth.

Killingsworth Gear is a Cummins engine dealer and specializes in Cummins engines. Kim Sullivan, the owner of Killingsworth Gear, has an extensive wealth of knowledge in geardrives, booster pumps, and Cummins engines. His talents and knowledge can help you find a better ways of optimizing the performance of your geardrives and booster pumps.

While wiring up the system to a Cummins QSB6.7-C240, MurCal's Installation and Service Technician, Robert Aal, gave us a little insight into the new product. "The LumberJack Network Data Logger was developed to address the need to monitor and log data conveniently on any engine driven equipment that you may have remotely located." Robert explained, then continued. "The package includes the MurCal LJ-1 LumberJack data logging module and a wireless data modem. These devices are conveniently packaged in an enclosure that can be mounted outside next to a pump engine."

The LumberJack connects to the wireless data MODEM via its onboard Ethernet connection. This allows remote viewing, control, and access to the site through a standard web browser interface. Using the onboard RS-485 port, the LJ-1 also connects to standard engine instrumentation like the FW Murphy PowerView or EMS228 controller.

"And here's the kicker" explained Robert. "The LumberJack can email or text me an alarm message in the case of an engine or pump problem. For example, if the engine oil pressure is low, but not critically low, the engine can produce a warning message that the LJ-1 will read. It gives me a chance to respond before a catastrophic failure."

Tyrone Hunter, MurCal's representative in California's Central Valley was on hand to add some other important points. "MurCal can custom configure the LumberJack module to utilize the analog and digital input/output resources specific to your pumping application, and our web interface is designed to allow for customization of web-screens using industry standard Java script." Tyrone continued, "If you’d like to format the screen in a different way, it is a simple matter of editing the script and copying to the SD card. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination."


UPDATE:  Effective April 1, 2016, development of the LumberJack Network Data Logger has been discontinued.