MurCal Welcomes Johnson Matthey to the Family

February 1, 2013

Johnson Matthey's Stationary Emissions Control division manufactures catalysts and catalytic systems designed to reduce air emissions from stationary and non-road sources. For MurCal customers, RICE NESHAP regulations have become a reality. As a result, many engine owners/operators are choosing Johnson Matthey for complete and cost-effective EPA compliance.

Johnson Matthey is well versed in the relationship between catalysts and stationary engines, with unmatched expertise in both catalyst science and converter housing design. The original hatchback catalytic converter—the first converter to allow easy access to the catalyst element—was introduced by Johnson Matthey.

Bob Murphy recently met with Bob Bono and Alec Miller, from Johnson Matthey, to finalize our distribution relationship. Bob explains, "MurCal is looking forward to building a strong, lasting partnership with Johnson Matthey. Our core strength is helping customers that operate stationary diesel and natural gas engines meet their emission compliance goals. For catalysts and catalytic systems, Johnson Matthey is the industry leader and a perfect complement to our product portfolio."

MurCal's Vice President of Business Development, Joey Mier, elaborated, "Many of our agricultural and municipal water pumping customers are concerned with the RICE NESHAP regulations. Johnson Matthey's new modular Modulex catalytic converters are designed specifically for removing HAPs and CO to meet the emission limits of RICE NESHAP. Our customers trust the brand and appreciate fast delivery."

Additionally, MurCal's corporate office in Palmdale maintains a state-of-the-art catalyst washing facility and offers very affordable washings and precious metal reclaim credit. To learn more about catalytic products from Johnson Matthey, please click here.