MurCal Adds Hewitt Industries of Los Angeles

April 10, 2009

Bob Murphy recently met with John Hewitt, founder of Hewitt Industries of Los Angeles. Hewitt Industries designs and manufactures fine instruments and engine controls, including gauges, thermocouples, signal generators and control modules.

"Hewitt Industries has been an innovative industry leader for decades", exclaimed Bob upon his return from the meeting. "We are excited to represent these dependable products and to be given the opportunity to bring new control solutions to our customers."

Hewitt Industries maintains the highest marks for quality design and product reliability. Their product line is popular in the trucking, bus, marine, recreation vehicle, aircraft and industrial markets, with OEM's located around the world.

"You may not know", Bob explained, "that Hewitt's Engine Idle Limiter and Battery Discharge Protection System are two low-cost control modules that can save you money and help you meet tough new diesel engine anti-idling regulations."

Now you can extend the life of your engine, eliminate jump starts and monitor a variety of potential engine problems with relative ease.


To learn more about the products from Hewitt Industries, please click here.