MurCal's "Emissionator" Gains Conditional Certification

May 15, 2009

Robert Aal and Tyrone Hunter of MurCal recently participated in the second and final phase of source testing on the new "Emissionator" Emission Control System.

Testing was a resounding success. After hearing the good news, Tyrone summarized the event. "Now, all natural gas engine operators in the San Joaquin Valley have a proven solution for keeping their engines in compliance with Rule 4702."

Once again, Environmental Management Solutions, Inc. provided emissions source testing. This time at the exhaust stack of a Cummins 200 HP Model G855, rich-burn, natural gas- fired, internal combustion engine owned and operated by Russ Schott Farms.

Russ Schott Farms operates several rich burn, natural gas fired, internal combustion engines located in Pixley, California. The engines, one Cummins 200 HP Model G855 and one Caterpillar 365 HP Model 3406, are coupled to water pumps that provide irrigation water to the farm. The first phase of source testing was completed on the larger CAT-3406 engine several months ago.

The purpose of this test was to determine compliance with SJVUAPCD Rule 4702 and to further demonstrate the control efficiency of the MurCal “Emissionator” Control System, which consists of a Miratech Model VXC Non-Selective 3 way catalytic converter, a Compliance Controls Model AFR1 air/fuel ratio controller, and a Compliance Controls Model HEGO Oxygen sensor.


The parameters and pollutants monitored were: 
•   Oxygen (O2 % dry vol.) 
•   Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX ppmdv)
•   Carbon Monoxide (CO ppmdv)
•   Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC ppm)


During all compliance test runs, the engines were operated at a load condition representative of the manufacturer’s maximum rated capacity. Testing was completed April 17, 2009. All test runs demonstrated that both the Cummins G855 and the Caterpillar 3406 were in compliance with SJVUAPCD Rule 4702. This represents the completion of phase two of a two part certification process.