MurCal's New "Emissionator" Gains Preliminary Certification

January 28, 2009

The San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District (SJVUAPCD) has conditionally certified MurCal’s new Emissionator, add-on emission control system for rich-burn, spark-ignited, internal combustion engines rated up to 365HP used commonly in agricultural irrigation, in accordance with District Rule 4702 ICE-Phase 2. This represents the completion of phase one of a two part certification process.

MurCal, a company known for fifty years as an industry leader in engine control solutions, has teamed up with Miratech Corp. and Compliance Controls to offer the “Emissionator” emission control system.  The system uses the VX Series catalytic converter designed by Miratech Corp., combined with the AFR-1 Rich-Burn Air Fuel Ratio Controller built by Compliance Controls. Both firms are located in Tulsa, OK. 

Tyrone Hunter, MurCal’s Regional Sales Manager in California’s San Joaquin Valley, reported that the Emissionator reduced NOx and CO emissions to a level well below the Rule’s standards and requirements. “We knew it would test well, but not that well!” stated Tyrone. He went on to explain that the Emissionator is not necessarily just a piece of equipment. “The Emissionator is a pre-packaged solution for all ag engine operators in the San Joaquin Valley. We’ve put together a program that includes equipment, custom installation and, most important, preliminary certification for emissions compliance with the SJVUAPCD.”

The referenced source test was done through a partnership with Schott Farms, a leading producer of cotton, wheat, corn, alfalfa, almonds and pistachios, based in Pixley, CA. For nearly fifty years, Russ and Mike Schott’s 3,000 acres have relied upon  natural gas to fuel their engine driven stationary pumps. “We chose our Caterpillar 3406TA 365HP for the SJVUAPCD certification process, which required the installation and operation of a catalytic converter and air fuel ratio controller on the subject engine”, Mike said, then continued.  “We need to stay ahead of the curve in order to remain in business. MurCal always provides the technology and personal service we need to comply.”

MurCal is presently working with farmers in the San Joaquin Valley with natural gas fueled internal combustion engines, rated at greater than 50 brake horsepower, powering water irrigation pumps. With the new Emissionator from MurCal, farmers gain a reliable solution to emissions compliance.