MurCal Supports EmeraChem on the West Coast

November 15, 2010

As power generation grows and evolves, so does the importance of mandated air quality regulation and emission compliance. Owners of gas turbines and stationary spark or compression ignition engines are subject to a growing number of EPA regulations and increased air board scrutiny. Today, an important component of achieving and maintaining emission compliance is the addition of catalysis.

EmeraChem specializes in the manufacture and sale of proprietary catalytic products for the control of air emissions from diesel-burning engines and fossil fuel electric-generating facilities. In recent years, the EmeraChem brand has quietly positioned itself as an industry leader in the field of catalyst housings, silencers and elements.

Bob Murphy and Tom Girdlestone, CEO of Emerachem, have a common goal: to bring high quality, affordable catalytic products to the West Coast, and to provide our customers with a local, full-service catalyst element cleaning facility. The two have put together a distribution deal that will focus on identifying new prospects and bringing a new level of service to existing customers.

Bob explains, "MurCal's philosophy is to provide a complete suite of emission control products that work together to guarantee compliance in the face of increased regulation. We believe that EmeraChem has brought to market the highest quality components at the most affordable price. MurCal is proud to represent not only a great product, but a company that truly cares about personalized customer service."