MurCal Is Now an Authorized "Catalyst Service Center"

September 19, 2011

We've got some great news for stationary internal combustion engine owners and engine fleet service technicians:

MurCal's Palmdale facility is now an authorized "Catalyst Service Center", boasting full catalyst cleaning capabilities. Our staff is fully trained in the workings of catalyst cleaning technologies and applications. MurCal's Service Center houses a factory designed catalyst washing facility: a 700 square foot cleaning room utilizing the latest equipment, methods, and technology.

MurCal has immediate access to an extensive database of resources in air emission control technologies. The facility is equipped to solve and implement emission control solutions while providing the most prompt and cost effective services in the industry.

Shawn Murphy, MurCal's Service & Installation Technician in charge of the catalyst washing facility tells us, "Catalyst monitoring services are intended to track the condition of your catalyst through periodic analysis, testing and cleaning, to determine any deterioration in performance and provide a basis for estimating catalyst life." Shawn continues, "We recommended that a catalyst element be removed once or twice a year for testing, in order to establish a relationship between operating time and catalyst condition and performance."

The frequency and timing would depend on the specific facility conditions that influence catalyst life, such as type of fuel, normal and peak operating temperatures, operating schedule, type and age of engine, and operating modes. This information is factored into the design of your custom catalyst monitoring program, which may include catalyst washing, testing, and eventually replacement, with precious metal reclaim in effect. 

Early in a catalyst's life cycle the most effective and least damaging method of cleaning catalyst is with chemical washing. Chemical washing has been shown to remove ash and chemical contaminants deposited by fouling and masking mechanisms. MurCal offers a proprietary 4-step recirculation process using alkaline and acidic solutions. For catalysts that have lost efficiency due to exposure to chemical contaminants (poisons or masking agents), performance can often be restored using this chemical washing process. When your catalyst elements need to be chemically washed, they can now be shipped directly to the MurCal facility in Palmdale.