Roda Deaco and Chalwyn Present Opportunities for MurCal

May 20, 2009

AMOT, the parent company of Chalwyn and Roda Deaco recently agreed to a distribution deal with MurCal for specific diesel engine safety products designed for high risk industries.

Bob Murphy explained, "Many of our customers operate diesel engines or drive a truck with a diesel engine into an area where combustable gas and vapors may be present. These diesel engines become a potential source of ignition that may cause catastrophic loss of property and personnel. Both Chalwyn and Roda Deaco manufacture products which mitigate this risk."

Chalwyn is an established UK-based manufacturer of diesel engine intake shut down valves and safety products. They currently manufacture diesel engine air intake shutdown valves designed to automatically and safely stop a diesel engine should it start to overspeed due to a combustable mixture being drawn into the engine intake.

Likewise, Roda Deaco provides complete diesel engine overspeed air intake shutoff systems in a wide range of sizes and actuation methods to meet the installation requirements of hundreds of different diesel engine applications.

With the addition of the Amot brands, MurCal now has several reliable solutions to meet government mandated diesel engine safety requirements for hazardous areas.