MurCal's 2021 Linecard

MurCal has been the exclusive West Coast distributor of FW Murphy products for 63 years. Recently, as technology advanced and engines became more complex, we found that our customers required a higher level of service and support. In an effort to provide a full range of control solutions we have added several related product lines. We’ve also made it easier to order products and find useful product information with our popular online web store. If you don’t see a part that you need, just ask! We’ll do our best to find it for you. Since 1958, we’ve been working hard to keep you in control.



MurCal Proudly Represents These Quality Brands

Enovation Controls

enovation link

Reliable Engine and Equipment Protection products that monitor and control Engines, Pumps, and Generators.

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Johnson Matthey

johnson matthey link

Quality Emission Control Systems that ensure peak efficiency and air quality compliance for your engines.

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FW Murphy

fw murphy link

Engine Management Solutions: Electronic and Mechanical Controls, Compressor Control Panels and systems.

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trombetta link

A leading manufacturer of DC Contactors, Industrial Solenoids, Electronic Controls, and J1939 CAN devices.

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Denso Heavy Duty

denso heavy duty link

Heavy-Duty Iridium Spark Plugs bring reliability and value to a wide range of Industrial and Co-Generation applications.

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intellispark link

Ignition Controllers, Ignition Coils, Output Harnesses, and Brushless Alternators give operators more control.

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Blink Marine

blink marine link

CAN-based Digital Switching solutions, Can Bus Protocol systems, Power Management units, and Gateway Modules.

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electrodyne link

Alternators with no brushes, no slip rings and no rotating windings to ensure high output and long lasting performance.

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CRE Technology

cre technology link

Battery Chargers, Genset Protection and Paralleling, for applications where power is vital to peak performance.

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Hewitt Industries

hewitt industries link

Instruments and engine controls: Gauges, Thermocouples, Signal Generators, Senders/Sensors, and Control Modules.

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Mobile Control Systems

mobile control systems link

Programmable Throttle Pedals, Hand Throttles, Rotary Throttles and Throttle Position Sensors for Industrial Mobile Equipment.

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SENS link

Ultra-reliable Chargers and DC Power Systems provide uninterruptible power to critical infrastructure applications.

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MurCal Products

murcal products link

Original, custom parts that complement, enhance, or integrate with the products built by our current vendor partners.

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MurCal Municipal

murcal municipal link

Solving control issues facing modernized Flood Control, Sewage Pumping, Well Pumping and Water Booster applications.

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SNGEC Systems

SNGEC link

SNGEC Systems are emission compliance kits, customized for stationary natural gas fueled internal combustion engines.

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Beaumont Manufacturing

beaumont manufacturing and distribution products link

Control valves, level and pressure controllers, regulators, relief valves, level gauges and gauge valves in many sizes.

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NGK Spark Plugs

ngk spark plugs link

Nickel spark plugs, featuring a specially designed v-groove center electrode, push the limits of performance and innovation.

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EGIS Mobile Electric

EGIS Mobile Electric link

Power distribution modules, fuse blocks, time delay relays, automatic charging relays, and power switching relays.

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Download MurCal's 2021 Linecard here.