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PowerView® PV485

Full-Color Controller for Engine Applications

Compact display and controller provides advanced control options for mechanical and electronic J1939 engines.

The PV485 is a customizable, all-in-one color display and controller designed to meet the needs of modern electronic engines and equipment applications. Its rugged design offers a wide array of configurable I/O and supports both mechanical and J1939 electronic engines.

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The PV485 supports Tier 4 and stage IV engines, helping to make your transition to Tier 4 easier.

The PV485 controller is compatible with the PowerVision Configuration Studio® software, so custom configurations can be quickly developed. With the PowerVision Configuration Studio software, it’s easy to define the user interface screens, as well as the functionality and sequence of events controlled by the PV485. You can configure equipment control such as: autostart, pressure control, data logging and alarms. You can even add custom graphics and company branding to the user interface.

The PV485 Features:

•  High-Bright Display

•  Easy-to-use configuration software

•  Customizable I/O

•  Rugged, reliable, robust design

•  Multiple languages


MurCal's PV485  6" RAM Mount Kit

MurCal's PV485 RAM Mount Kit is the ideal solution for mounting your PV485 display to your dashboard or other surface to optimize the viewing angle of your display. The kit allows for easy adjustment at two points by loosening the adjustment screw on the side of the 6" arm. See the pdf file below to see larger images of the kit.

murcal PV485 6 inch RAM mount kit image



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