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PowerView® PV450

The PowerView® 450 display is the smaller, sleeker version of the PowerView® PV780 full color display. The PV450 display has been redesigned for tighter spaces. With a smaller screen and streamlined design using fewer components, it delivers the same performance as the PV780 in a compact package.

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The PV450 display is designed for small-to-medium machines and features a configurable design. Any of the major components can be custom engineered to meet your exact needs, delivering an incredible amount of customization with minimal non-recurring engineering costs.

You can change the shape of the bezels and buttons. You can rework the I/O board to add extra inputs. You can add custom graphics and company branding to the interface. The highly durable PV450 is compatible with PowerVision Configuration Studio® software, so you can continue to make quick and easy changes to the display. Murphy's Configuration Studio® software is available for purchase as an option. It is NOT included with your purchase of the PV450 display.

For an overview of specific technical features, as well as a detailed operations and installation manual, please see the literature available below.

The PV450 Features:

•  Compact CAN-based display to fit your application

•  Bonded LCD for optimum view-ability (4.3" with a 16:9 aspect ratio)

•  Optional video input

•  Streamlined modular design

•  Easy-to-use PowerView Configuration Studio® software is offered as an add-on option

•  Data logging

•  Four (4) Deutsch DT 6-pin connectors

•  Customizable bezel, buttons, I/O interface and more

•  Real time clock with battery backup



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