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The PowerView® Family

murphy powerview pv101-C

PowerView® PV101-C Display

The PowerView® PV101-C, Murphy's most compact display in the J1939 MurphyLink® family of components, is a powerful multifunction tool that enables equipment operators to view standard engine and transmission parameters, as well as active and stored trouble codes on a single, compact screen.

murphy powerview pv350 and pv380

PowerView® PV350 and PV380 Displays

The PowerView® 300 Series features robust, multifunction displays for advanced monitoring of both electronic and mechanical engines, capable of handling sophisticated engine diagnostics as well as basic engine alarm/shutdown. The PV350 and PV380 displays monitor multiple engine and machine parameters on an easy-to-read QVGA monochrome LCD.

murphy powerview pv450

PowerView® PV450 Display

The PowerView® PV450 display, designed for small-to-medium machines, is the smaller, sleeker version of the PowerView® PV780 full color display. The PV450 display has been redesigned for tighter spaces. With a smaller screen and streamlined design using fewer components, it delivers the same performance and customization as the PV780 in a compact package.

murphy powerview pv485

PowerView® PV485 Display

The PV485 is a customizable, all-in-one color display and controller designed to meet the needs of modern electronic engines and equipment applications. Its rugged design offers a wide array of configurable I/O and supports both mechanical and J1939 electronic engines. The PV485 supports Tier 4 and stage IV engines, helping to make your transition to Tier 4 easier.

MurCal PV500 display with SmartCommand

PV500-MC Display with SmartCommand™

The PV500-MC Display with SmartCommand™ combines Enovation’s PowerView® 500 display with MurCal’s proprietary SmartCommand™ software configuration package, giving you the ability to customize the critical information needed to accurately monitor your engine’s performance straight out-of-the-box. This package is the most powerful and affordable solution available for organizing and displaying your engine information during operation.

MurCal PV700 display with SmartCommand

PV700-MC Display with SmartCommand™

With a larger 7-inch screen, the PV700-MC Display with SmartCommand™ utilizes thoughtful screen layouts and eye-catching color schemes to clearly organize engine information and make errors or warnings visible during operation. The display combines Enovation’s PowerView® 700 display with MurCal’s proprietary SmartCommand™ software configuration package, giving you the ability to customize the critical information needed to accurately monitor your engine’s performance.

murphy powerview pv780

PowerView® PV780 Display

The PowerView® PV780 display is a full-featured, configurable display that integrates vital engine, transmission and diagnostic information into an easy to read operator interface. The PV780 features a full color, 7-inch bonded LCD for brighter, smoother graphics and best in class sunlight readability. The display is compatible with Murphy's PowerVision Configuration Studio®, offered as an optional feature, so custom software configurations can be quickly developed.

murphy powerview pv780B

PowerView® PV780B Display

The new PV780B delivers bright, vivid graphics on a 7-inch display with a high-speed processor and provides the same rugged reliability customers have come to expect out of the PowerView® family of HMI products. Available with a touch screen designed for use with gloves and unmatched performance in the harshest conditions the PV780B is the best-in-class choice for OEMs and integrators.

murphy powerview pv1100

PowerView® PV1100 Display

Murphy brings a whole new experience to your applications with the PowerView® PV1100. This large 10.6-inch display features a high-speed processor that allows you to bring even more into your application. In addition to providing vital engine information, the PV1100 packs an infotainment hub in the cab with media playback from your phone via USB. It also boasts AM/FM stereo, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

murphy powerview pv1200

PowerView® PV1200 Display

The PowerView® PV1200 offers all the features of Murphy’s popular PV780 with more power, more memory and more real estate to show vital application information on one screen. With its faster processor, this version of the full-color display adds more connectivity with Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities while it includes an expansive 8GB of storage.