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PowerCore® MPC-20 Controller

The Murphy PowerCore® 20 Controller (MPC-20) features an out-of-the-box fully sealed industrial controller for various environments. This controller is powerful and full of easy-to-use features for most applications. The MPC-20 has a large 3.8 inch (97 mm) QVGA Monochrome LCD, and is capable of handling sophisticated engine diagnostics whether installed on a mechanical or electronic engine.

murphy mpc-20 controller

The MPC-20 is targeted at pumping and irrigation applications but can be utilized in other applications requiring an auto or manual start controller. You may customize and save default settings for specific applications with the user friendly configuration tool, a PC-based software program suite that enables users to modify the display to their own specific needs.


•  Auto and Manual Start
•  Various Throttling Options and Real-Time Clock
•  Large, Easy-To-Read Display - Even in Full Sunlight
•  Setpoint Alarm and Shutdown Control
•  CAN J1939 Communications
•  Easy-To-Use Configuration Software
•  Tier 4 / Stage IIIB / IV Ready

MurphyLink® Series ML2000 Panel

The ML2000 Panels feature Murphy's PowerCore® MPC-20 Controller:

murphy ml2000 panels

•  Large 3.8 inch (97 mm) QVGA Monochrome LCD, Easily Viewable in Full Sunlight

•  Standard Panel Designed for Modern Electronic Engines and Equipment Applications Using SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN)

•  Display Active Faults and ECU-Stored Faults with Text Description on Most Common Faults for Diagnosing Equipment Malfunctions

•  Standard Harnesses Available for Most Major Engine Manufacturer ECUs

•  Polycarbonate or Metal Enclosure Options (see photo for both styles)

The MurphyLink® Series ML2000 Panel, engineered and built by Enovation Controls’ Industrial Panel Division, is a superior panel offering which includes the powerful, yet simple-to-configure MPC-20 Controller. This controller is part of the Murphy PowerCore® family and was developed to meet the need of manual or automatic control whether it’s starting/stopping, throttling or both. This controller also has the flexibility to be used on either mechanically or electronically governed engines supporting SAE J1939 CAN communications.

The ML2000 panel has the ability for the software to be fully configured from the front user interface or PC configuration tool. If the default parameters set by Enovation Controls are not the desired setpoints for a factory default reset, the packager or operator has the ability to change these settings with the PC configuration tool then load with a USB thumb drive (**1) and USB programming harness (**1). The configuration tool also allows for the splash screen to incorporate a company logo when powered on.

The flexibility of the MPC-20 controller allows for the same control panel to be used across many applications. This provides the operator familiarity with the controller and control panel in any application. The Control Panel utilizes industry standard Deutsch connectors and is compatible for use on the simplest mechanical engine to the most advanced, fully electronic Tier 4 engines, when used with the correct Murphy Industrial Harness (**2) (MIH) or John Deere OEM engine harnessing.

The ML2000 Series panels are available in two rugged enclosures or a stand-alone flat panel option that can be dropped into an existing panel or engine surround/dog house. The enclosure types to choose from are powder-coated cold rolled steel or polycarbonate NEMA 4X. Optional mounting kits are offered for the sheet-metal enclosure, which provide packagers and operators numerous mounting solutions to meet multiple applications.

(**1) USB thumb drive and programming harness sold separately from the control panel.
(**2) Please contact Industrial Panel Sales for application specifics and MIH harnessing.

Controller: MPC-20
Operating Voltage: 8-32VDC
Total Current Consumption: 18W Max without (2) 2A High-sides active, 146W Max with (2) 2A High-sides active
Operating Temperature: -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Storage Temperature: -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Enclosure: Two options: Powder-coated cold rolled steel or polycarbonate
Mating Connectors: 21 Position, Deutsch HDP26-24-21SE, 31 Position, Deutsch HDP26-24-31SE

Shipping Weights:
ML2000: 13 lbs (5.9kg)
ML2000-FP: 7 lbs (3.17kg)
ML2000-4X: 11 lbs (4.99kg)

13 Outputs:
(2) 1A Max Low-side
(2) 2A Max High-side
(2) 200mA Max 5VDC
(1) 0-5VDC Analog
(6) 10A Max Form C Relays

15 Inputs:
(8) Analog, configurable as Resistive, 0-5VDC or 4-20mA
(6) Digital, Configurable as Battery or Ground
(1) Frequency, (2Hz - 10KHz, 3.6VAC-120VAC)

CAN (SAE J1939) and RS-485 Modbus



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