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EVS-2 Electronic Vibration Switch

The EVS-2 Electronic Vibration Switch protects against equipment failure by monitoring velocity-based vibration levels and providing an early warning or shutdown when abnormal vibration is detected.

The EVS-2 can be connected to Murphy’s TTD™ Annunciator, Centurion™ or Centurion PLUS™ controllers for increased functionality. It complements Murphy’s VS2™ shock and excessive vibration/pulsation switch designed to detect abnormal shock or pulsation due to equipment failure and to shutdown other equipment in a system to prevent further damage.

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The EVS-2 offers two adjustable level detectors with definable response delay for either Warning or Shutdown alarms. Measuring ranges and response times of the level detectors are set by DIP switch. The assigned relay powers a warning or shutdown alarm.

EVS-2 Features:

•  Vibration (0 to 3.0 ips peak)
•  Suitable for Universal use - with mounting at any angle
•  Aluminum Housing
•  4 to 20 mA  Analog Vibration Signal
•  RAW Signal 100 mV/g
•  Two Relays
•  Rugged Design

The EVS-2 can be used on any equipment where abnormal vibration could lead to equipment damage, including:
•  Cooling Fans
•  Engines
•  Pumps
•  Compressors
•  Gear Boxes
•  Motors
•  Generator Sets

The EVS-2 can monitor and alert the operator of abnormal vibration caused by a variety of factors, including:
•  Imbalance and misalignments
•  Defective sleeve bearings
•  Broken tie-down bolts
•  Defective ball or roller bearings
•  Gear mesh
•  Blade-pass frequencies
•  Detonation or broken parts



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