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CAT Retrofit Panel

MPC-20-R2 Auto-Start Replacement Panel

MurCal’s CAT Retrofit Panel is a superior panel offering which includes the powerful, yet simple-to-configure MPC-20-R2 Controller. This fully sealed industrial controller, part of the Murphy PowerCore® family, gives CAT engine operators the ability to choose manual/auto start, manual/auto throttling options, and add a countdown timer or multiple start/stop times utilizing the internal clock.

MurCal’s CAT Retrofit Panel


Our Retrofit Panel replaces the CAT factory panel with minimum effort. Deutsch connectors and mounting inserts are exactly the same. If the default parameters set by MurCal are not desired, the operator has the ability to fully configure the software from the front user interface or change these settings with the optional configuration tool (Murphy PowerVision Configuration Studio™ p/n 78000752, sold separately).

This panel upgrade allows users to automate or remotely control and monitor their engines from a computer or mobile device using the optional Murphy CONNECT Plug-and-Play Telematics Unit (p/n 40700525, sold separately). With this cloud-based dashboard, engine owners can control or schedule engine functions to reduce costs, establish alarms or warnings to prevent downtime, and optimize operational efficiency with intelligent analytics.


MPC-20-R2 Auto-Start Replacement Panel


MurCal’s CAT Retrofit Panel is capable of handling sophisticated engine diagnostics whether installed on the simplest mechanical engine or the most advanced, fully electronic Tier 4 engine supporting CAN J1939 and RS485 communications. The MPC-20’s large 3.8-inch QVGA Monochrome LCD screen is viewable in full-sun conditions. The panel’s input/output capabilities allow you to change the input type for the analog inputs, use additional analog inputs as digital ground inputs, assign functions and actions to digital inputs, and to use digital inputs as battery or ground inputs on 24VDC systems.


CAT Retrofit Panel Features:

•  Provides auto-start capability when you replace the panel on CAT C9.3 - C32 engines
•  For both mechanical and electronically governed engines
•  Supports CAN J1939 / RS485 communications
•  Built around the simple-to-configure Murphy PowerCore® MPC-20-R2 controller
•  Meets Tier 4 final compliance
•  Add an optional telematics unit (Murphy CONNECT) to remotely monitor and/or control your engines


CAT Retrofit Panel Sales Bulletin




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