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Stationary Engine Emissions Control

Owners and operators of stationary engines know Johnson Matthey represents the highest quality in emissions control systems. Johnson Matthey products ensure that your engines operate at peak efficiency while complying with stringent environmental standards for air quality, including the EPA's RICE NESHAP regulations which went into effect in 2013.

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MurCal offers you the latest generation of Johnson Matthey Modulex™ HAPs catalytic converter/silencers, catalyst elements, and the HAPGuard exhaust monitor to ensure compliance with RICE NESHAP. You can count on Johnson Matthey and MurCal to manage your emission solution while you focus on your core business.

Key Products

Each of the tab panels below contains a link to the web page that features that category.


Catalysts & Modules

The Catalysts & Modules page features descriptions and literature for:

  •  Three-Way NSCR Catalysts

  •  SCR (SINox®) Catalysts

  •  VOC Oxidation Catalysts

  •  Engine Oxidation Catalysts

  •  Gas Turbine CO Oxidation Catalysts

  •  Ammonia Slip Catalysts

Standard Systems

The Standard Systems page features descriptions and literature for:

  •  Modulex™ Converters & Converter Silencers

  •  SCR Systems

  •  CRT® Diesel Particulate Filters

  •  Engine Oxidation Catalyst Systems

Exhaust Monitors

The Exhaust Monitors page features descriptions and literature for:

  •  HAPGuard™

  •  CRT® dm

  •  SootAlert® Monitor


The Applications page features descriptions and literature for:

  •  Industrial Processes

  •  BioMass & Waste-To-Energy

  •  Gas Turbines

  •  Stationary Diesel & Gas Engines

  •  Marine

  •  Rail


The Pollutants page defines many common pollutants that result from operating stationary engines. Fortunately, Johnson Matthey's catalytic emissions control technologies can help you reduce these pollutants. The descriptions include:

•  Ammonia
•  Benzene
•  Carbon Dioxide
•  Carbon Monoxide
•  Chlorofluorocarbons
•  Diesel Particulate Matter
•  Dioxins
•  Formaldehyde
•  Hazardous Air Pollutants

•  Hydrocarbons
•  Mercury
•  Methane
•  Nitrogen Oxides
•  Ozone
•  Particulate Matter
•  Smog
•  Volatile Organic Compounds



This page helps you get ready for RICE NESHAP compliance.

RICE: Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine
NESHAP: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

Johnson Matthey has a complete line of HAPs catalytic converters to fit your small, medium or large diesel or gas engine.

Stationary Emissions Control Group

Johnson Matthey's Stationary Emissions Control (SEC) group has been providing environmental catalysts and emission solutions to industry for over 40 years:

  •  Our VOC oxidation catalysts are widely used in catalytic reactors around the world controlling VOC and halogenated VOC emissions from a variety of industrial processes.

  •  SEC provided the first SCR and CO catalysts for controlling NOx emissions from gas turbines in California and pioneered the 3-Way NSCR catalytic converter for rich burn gas engines.

  •  SEC was one of the first companies to successfully apply SCR technology for marine engines and electric power generating plants.

Whether new, retrofit or replacement of any existing type or size component, we have a catalyst, converter, and converter/silencer to meet your needs.