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601 Series CD Ignition Systems

intellispark 601 CD ignition system

The 601 Series is a self-powered capacitor discharge ignition system that can be installed on any large flywheel, spark-ignited engine. With electronics engine-mounted in close proximity to the flywheel, the unit is powered by magnetic charging circuitry.

IntelliSpark™ offers this inexpensive, proven design that features no moving parts to wear out.



•  Reliable capacitor discharge circuitry
•  High-output, self-powered electromagnetic system
•  30,000 volt output at low rpm
•  Crankshaft-referenced timing
•  Dual trigger timing
•  One-cylinder applications
•  Control circuitry is sealed module
•  Self-powered, no external power required
•  Two year warranty


•  Inexpensive, proven design
•  No moving parts to wear out
•  More timing accuracy with flywheel mounting
•  Compatible with most large flywheel spark-ignited engines
•  Provides power for ignition-powered panels


intellispark 601 CD ignition system

1. A trigger magnet bar is fastened to the flywheel with the run magnet (deeper recessed) at the timing angle chosen for normal running.

2. A trigger coil is installed to sense the magnets and trigger ignition circuitry.

3. The ignition unit is installed on brackets (consult factory for details) in close proximity to the flywheel, at 30 degrees more advanced than the position of the trigger magnet bar. Detailed instructions are provided with each unit.

Connection Diagram

intellispark 601 CD ignition system


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Sales Bulletin - 601 Series CD Ignition

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Installation & Operation Instructions

601 Series CD Ignition

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