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Brushless Alternators

intellispark brushless alternators

IntelliSpark™ Control Systems are optimized with power supplies utilizing high-quality brushless alternators. Designed for long-lasting durability with no moving electrical components. Ideal for all industrial applications and field proven.

Certified for hazardous locations: Class 1, Division 2, Groups C, D, T6. Image shows the brushless alternator with an optional bracket.



•  No brushes, no brush springs
•  One moving part, no moving electrical part
•  One-piece bearing housing, 4.5" or 9.5" brackets available
•  Permanent bearing alignment
•  Oversize lubrication reservoir
•  Glass Filled TFE Fluorocarbon Seal (Teflon)
•  Air-cooled 7.3" diameter advanced design


•  Strong, compact reliable power
•  Exceptional bearing life
•  Simple inspection and maintenance procedures
•  24-VDC, rated to 80 amp, 5,000 rpm CSA approval rated to 60 amp, 3,600 rpm
•  Bi-directional rotation


Rated Amperes:  80
RPM @ Rated Amperes:  5000
Preset Volt Range:  25.5 - 30
Full Load Voltage @ 28.0 Preset:  27.5
Field Amperes:  4.5 Typical
Rotation:  Bi-Directional
Shaft Diameter (Pulley):  7/8 inch nominal
Voltage Regulator:  Integral - Adjustable - Self Exciting
Wiring Connections:  B+, B-, Ground
Rectifier Diode Construction:  Individually Replaceable
Rectifier, Rated Capacity:  225 Amperes

CSA International Certification 60 Amperes @ 3600 RPM 100 80 60 40 20 0 Output Amperes


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intellispark brushless alternator wiring

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Download information for the IntelliSpark™ Brushless Alternator in PDF format:

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Sales Bulletin - Brushless Alternators

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