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Denso Oxygen Sensors

Denso's Oxygen Sensors are designed to detect the amount of oxygen in the exhaust stream by monitoring the air fuel mixture under idle, moderate acceleration and cruise conditions. Under heavy acceleration an oxygen sensor goes into "open loop", which means that the engine's management computer system is ignoring the oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensors have a smaller range of limits in detecting and adjusting the difference from an optimum air/fuel ratio.

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Oxygen sensors, also known as Lambda sensors or O2 sensors among some vehicle manufacturers, are among the most sensitive and critical components on your car's engine. Earlier fuel injection systems employed one oxygen sensor in the exhaust system to maintain closed-loop air/fuel mixture control. However, today's engines may use as many as four sensors, which monitor not only exhaust gas oxygen content but catalytic converter efficiency as well.

In order to perform these functions properly, the sensors must adhere to OE standards within incredibly close tolerances. A malfunctioning or incorrectly calibrated oxygen sensor can hurt drive-ability and illuminate the malfunction indicator, resulting in costly and time-consuming repairs. Denso's First Time Fit® oxygen sensors are designed to meet those tolerances and offer one of the most complete product lines in the industry.

denso oxygen sensor

Each oxygen sensor is constructed from high quality stainless steel, porous polytetrafluoroethylene, fluorine rubber, aluminum oxide, high-grade platinum and ceramics. They feature a double protection layer, aluminum oxide trap layer, porous PTFE filter and stainless steel housing. Denso oxygen sensors can be installed easily and ensure longevity.


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