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CRE TECHNOLOGY has provided products and dedicated solutions for engine control, genset protection and paralleling to the engine and genset industry for over 30 years, focusing on all applications where power is the core resource of performance. CRE supplies the industrial, marine and defense industries.


AMF Compact

cre amf compact
Gensys Compact Prime

cre gensys compact prime
Gensys Compact Mains

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AVR Compact

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Battery Chargers

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Magnetic Pick-ups

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Reliability and Quality Management

CRE is driven by customer satisfaction. Their concern for quality is first and foremost, which leads to manufacturing efficiency. CRE’s ambitions are to always be on the cutting edge of technological innovation and to grow their product portfolio while being responsive to customer’s needs.

CRE’s product development reliability is based upon the quality framework of the ISO 9001 standard. Improvements concerning product ease-of-use, process and repair lead times, and overall quality control are managed through various action plans based upon user feedback and continual management interaction.


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ISO accreditation is recognized in countries all over the world and is accepted as the standard assessment of a company’s working procedures. This certification rewards the spirit of CRE, which is embodied in their constant improvement of products in order to fully satisfy their customers.

All products in the COMPACT range are now UL and EAC certified. You can also find the EAC certification for all modules of the GENSYS 2.0 range and for all Battery Charger ranges.


CRE's Software Webinar

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Click here to view CRE's latest generator control software webinar.