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Compact Generator Control

CRE’s range of generator controllers are designed for a wide variety of industrial needs: manual & auto start, auto transfer switch, auto mains failure and engine monitoring.

Generator Control

amf compact generator controller

AMF Compact

The AMF Compact is dedicated to a large variety of standby diesel or gas gensets, offering an automatic management of transfer switch on mains failure, as well as monitoring, control and protection of engine, alternator and power bus bars. The controller offers flexibility and time savings due to its simple wiring, diverse feature set, thoughtful engineering and easy programming.


gensys compact prime generator controller

GENSYS Compact Prime

The GENSYS Compact Prime is designed primarily for gensets used in power plant applications that require synchronization, active and reactive load sharing and electrical/mechanical protections. It offers complete engine control of your diesel, gasoline or natural gas gensets, which includes preheating, pre-glow, ignition and start/stop functions. Satisfies alternative or consecutive multiple starter management, and is compatible with all J1939 electronic engines.

gensys compact mains generator controller

GENSYS Compact Mains

The GENSYS Compact Mains generator controller is designed for standby applications and is primarily used on standalone gensets in mains paralleling applications. This new generation of controller is easy to use and benefits from years of CRE Technology experience in permanent paralleling, automatic mains failure detection or no break transfers. It’s able to manage diesel or gas engine start and stop sequences, as well as interfacing with auto-start controllers and ECUs, using I/Os or the J1939 CANbus protocol.

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