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AVR Compact

Automatic Voltage Regulator for Generators

The AVR Compact is a universal shunt automatic voltage regulator for single phase and three-phase generator applications. CRE offers a robust and easy to use product for constant voltage control, or voltage droop for parallel operation. Check the connection diagrams in the user manual for the most suitable connection for your unique application.

Capabilities Include:

•  Robust and strong mechanical housing
•  Easy configuration by dip-switch and potentiometers
•  Electrical protections : under-speed and over-current
•  CT droop input for parallel operations
•  Voltage supply and voltage sensing separated
•  External input for voltage control (Synchronization, power factor, KVAR sharing management)
•  Excitation output (Max 12.5 Amps / Voltage = max 35% of supply voltage)
•  PI control for voltage stability
•  Control of % of droop

cre automatic voltage regulator


Compatible with large alternator architecture:
•  115VAC sensing
•  200VAC sensing
•  230VAC sensing
•  400VAC sensing
•  Auxiliary supply
•  PMG supply Voltage

Electrical Protections

•  Underspeed : This function on AVR Compact drops the generator voltage relative to drop of the generator frequency.
•  Overcurrent : The AVR Compact is protected by a 10A time delay fuse in the AVR supply line. This fuse also protect the generator exciter field against damage caused by over-excitation.


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