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Engine Integrated Control System - EICS®

engine integrated control systemOptimizing your engine’s performance and maintaining emission compliance is easier than ever with Murphy’s new Engine Integrated Control System (EICS). It is a complete integration package pre-calibrated specifically for your engine model.

EICS combines key components - ignition system (powered by Murphy’s IntelliSpark™ Ignition technology), air/fuel control, speed governing, interface and diagnostics, sensors, harnesses, catalyst and engine control unit (ECU) - in one package, saving you money and man-hours associated with the installation and setup of separate engine components.

The EICS has been pre-configured for your convenience, ensuring your engine will run at optimum performance without the need for manual field adjustments. Its D-EPR valve accommodates wide variations in fuel composition and speed/load ranges, maintaining efficiency with load following technology for even the toughest gas lift applications.

In addition, the EICS eliminates the need for pretest site visits by maintaining emissions - saving you time and money. With EICS you can be certain your site will pass required testing, like Quad J testing, without the need for pretesting to get dialed in.

engine integrated control system


Main Features

  •   An OEM approach to an aftermarket application

  •   Two packages available: performance/efficiency package, optional emissions package (includes catalyst)

  •   One unit, three integrated functions - CD Ignition, air/fuel control and electronic governing speed control

  •   Pre-calibrated and dyno tested for specific engine models

  •   Advanced electronic air-fuel ratio control

  •   Lightning fast response to engine speed/load variations and fuel quality changes

  •   Murphy’s IntelliSpark™ Ignition Coils for expanded engine diagnostics and dynamic spark adjustment

  •   Graphical color user interface

  •   Data sharing via Modbus RS485

  •   Data logging


  •   Integrated system = simplified installation compared to separate components

  •   The integrated approach makes more advanced diagnostics possible

  •   No more setup of generic boxes - EICS is engine specific

  •   No more dialing in - it’s pre-calibrated

  •   Optimization of your engine’s performance

  •   Maintains emissions compliance between testing - no tweaking necessary

  •   Eliminates magneto failures and premature spark plug changes

  •   Reduces engine failure diagnostic time

  •   Reduces costs associated with the engine’s operation

EICS Supported Engine List

Each EICS system was designed and tested to ensure your specific engine model runs at optimum performance, eliminating the need for manual field adjustments. Murphy's EICS system is currently mapped for the highest population of engines in the field, including the following engine models:

  •   Arrow VRG 330

  •   Caterpillar G3304 NA

  •   Caterpillar G3304B NA

  •   Caterpillar G3306 NA

  •   Caterpillar G3306B NA

  •   Caterpillar G3306 TA

  •   Caterpillar G3306B TA

  •   Caterpillar G3306 TAA

  •   Caterpillar G3306B TAA

  •   Caterpillar G3406 NA

  •   Caterpillar G3406 TA

  •   Cummins KTA-19



Download information for the Engine Integrated Control System in PDF format:



The Engine Integrated Control System is not currently available in the MurCal web store. Please contact the inside sales department for availability, price quote and lead time.