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Compliance AFR-FI

compliance controls AFR-FI air fuel ratio controller

Compliance Controls AFR-FI air/fuel ratio controller is your best value for fuel injected, lean-burn natural gas engines. What do you get with the microprocessor-based AFR-FI?

Fuel Efficiency

No more traditional pneumatics. The AFR-FI is a "smart system" that automatically optimizes the lean-burn air-fuel mix to ensure top performance and fuel efficiency.

Lower Maintenance

The AFR-FI delivers optimized engine operation and stays alert with 26 alarms and shutdowns - covering fuel flow and fuel pressure, intake manifold temperature, exhaust temperature and air manifold pressure. Other AFR's for lean-burn, fuel-injected engines deliver a whole lot less. But the AFR-FI, with easy installation, automatic operation and state-of-the-art technology, is simply the best value you can find.

Automated Compliance

The AFR-FI maintains tight control of the lean-burn air-fuel mix with computer speed and precision.


Main Features

  •   Improved engine performance and efficiency

  •   Automated emissions compliance

  •   User-friendly display and keypad interface

  •   Price-competitive

  •   High-speed MODBUS communications


  •   Compliance assured

  •   Eliminates time consuming, unreliable pneumatic air-fuel control

  •   Better engine performance

  •   Less maintenance - lower maintenance costs

  •   Improved troubleshooting

  •   Better fuel economy

  •   Easy installation and setup

  •   Fully automatic

  •   Easy integration with other control systems and data collection / analysis systems

  •   Supports high-speed communications

Technical Features

  •   D100 MHz, 586-compatible microprocessor: 8 MB of RAM.

  •   User-programmable: Windows-based ladder-logic software (IEC-61131-3 std. programming languages).

  •   Daylight-filtered vacuum fluorescent display (4 lines with 20 characters each line).

  •   16-Key pad: for set-point entry, alarm acknowledgement, start, stop, reset, etc.

  •   Wall / bracket mount enclosure or free standing.

  •   Canadian standard for separation of incendive and non-incendive wiring.

  •   Four (4) RS485 serial ports.

  •   Digital I/O module - reads up to 18 thermocouples or mA sources.

  •   Ten (10) sets of data points (air/fuel map).

  •   Fuel flow totalization (optional).

  •   Hour meter.

  •   Shutdown or fault snapshot - provides a complete picture of system conditions at shutdown.

  •   Four (4) discrete inputs - normally closed.

  •   Two (2) discrete relay outputs.

  •   Twelve (12) alarms.

  •   Accommodates a wide range of engine configurations:

        (1) V-type engines, in-line.

        (2) Waste gate or air damper.

        (3) Other special configurations.

  •   Operating temperature: -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F).

  •   Controller approved for CI. 1, Div. 2, Grps. C & D Areas.


  •   GOV-10 shutdown (optional)

  •   Low / high fuel flow

  •   Low / high fuel pressure

  •   Low / high air pressure

  •   Air manifold pressure Xmitter fail

  •   Fuel pressure / flow Xmitter fail

  •   Air manifold temperature Xmitter fail

  •   TC break

  •   Air manifold temperature

  •   Overspeed



Download information for the Compliance Controls AFR-FI in PDF format:


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AFR-FI - Air/Fuel Ratio Controller for Fuel Injected Engines

Sales Bulletin


The Compliance Controls AFR-FI is not currently available in the MurCal web store. Please contact the inside sales department for availability, price quote and lead time.