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Keybox Relay Modules

Keybox is a CAN bus relay module for electric loads designed by Blink Marine specifically for use in vehicles and boats. It is a small device which, once it’s connected to various utilities (lights, electric motors, bilge pumps, mechanical arms), allows you to use Blink Marine keypads to control them.


blink marine keybox

This compact and versatile smart relay module for electric loads permits the utilization of Blink Keypads where there are no PLC systems on board. By utilizing its CAN bus interface and high power outputs, Keybox can be used in “slave” mode with complex systems.

4 Models Available

  •   KB312V-05A: 12V 5A
  •   KB312V-10A: 12V 10A
  •   KB324V-05A: 24V 5A
  •   KB312V-05-10A: 12V 5A/10A (mixed)

Electrical Features

Eleven (11) Switched Circuits That Include:
  •   Momentary, toggle, time-out functions and digital input
  •   Circuits rated up to 10A at 12V and 5A at 24V maximum continuous load (resistive)
  •   Two (2) optional low-side circuits

Two (2) Solid-State Switched Circuits That Include:
  •   Momentary, toggle, time-out functions and digital input
  •   Pulse-width modulation of output voltage for dimming capability
  •   Circuits rated up to 3A maximum continuous load (resistive)
  •   Parallelable outputs (increases the current rating)
  •   Isolated relay outputs
  •   Replaceable automotive mini blade fuses for overcurrent protection
  •   Input undervoltage lock down and overvoltage protection
  •   Cinch header connector SHS 18 pin

blink marine keybox inner view blink marine keybox bottom view


Environmental Features

  •   Operating ambient temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  •   Storage ambient temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  •   Humidity: 0 to 98% (non-condensing)
  •   Waterproof IP67 enclosure

Special Features

  •   CAN-bus compatible (CANopen/J1939 compliance available)
  •   Field programmability of electrical functions and current limit trip points available to authorized OEMs and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)





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