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A Leading Expert in CAN-Based Digital Switching Solutions

Based in Milan, Italy, Blink Marine was founded in 2001 as a company specialized in the production of onboard instrumentation for seafaring vessels. Starting in 2009, thanks to implementation of CAN bus protocols on all its products, Blink Marine began serving the industrial automotive sector as well. Today, the onboard electronics sector enjoys one of the highest innovation rates in the world, with constant contributions from both builders and prep crews for vehicles and seafaring vessels. Digital keypads amount to a radical transformation of the dashboard, making the operator’s control panel more ordered and essential, and helping users manage complex actions in a simple, straightforward manner.


PowerKey PRO Series

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PowerKey Series

blink marine powerkey series keypads
PowerTrack Series

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Keybox Series

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PowerCore Series

blink marine powercore series
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Removable Icon Inserts

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Blink Marine’s approach to the sector focuses on maximum flexibility and reliability. Blink Marine keypads are highly customizable, allowing the company to respond to a wide range of different needs that are often the result of unique client requests.


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