Trombetta Literature

Trombetta has a variety of information available to help you identify the products that you will need for your specific application. For your convenience, we've made all the literature downloads available on this page. Just click on any of the links below to download the information you need in pdf format.

There may come a time when you are not sure exactly which Trombetta product you need for your specific application. To help out, we've designed a worksheet that asks a series of questions about your operating requirements and environmental concerns, among other things. It's a great starting point when considering a Trombetta product as your solution. You can download this 4 page worksheet below:

Trombetta Application Worksheet (pdf)

We've also designed a one-page linecard that shows each of Trombetta's product lines, combined with a short description. It's so handy you'll want to download copies for your wallet, your office and your RV:

Trombetta Linecard (pdf)

Solenoid Literature

P500/Q500 Series Sales Bulletin (pdf)
D500/D600 Series Sales Bulletin (pdf)
P600/Q600 Series Sales Bulletin (pdf)
Throttle Cable Kit Sales Bulletin (pdf)

D513-A30: drawing (pdf)
D513-A32V12: drawing (pdf)
D500 Series: specifications sheet (pdf)
D500/D600 Series: installation (pdf)
D610-A1V12/B1V12: drawing (pdf)
D600 Series: specifications sheet (pdf)

P515-A57V12/A57V24: drawing (pdf)
P515-A57 Series: specifications sheet (pdf)

P610-A, B, C1V12/A, B, C1V24: drawing (pdf)
P610-A5V12/B5V12: drawing (pdf)
P610-A29V12: drawing (pdf)
P610-A66V12/C8V12: drawing (pdf)
P610-K1V12/K2V12/K13V12: drawing (pdf)
P610 Series: specifications sheet (pdf)

P600 Series: installation (pdf)
P610-K1V12/K1V24: installation (pdf)

P612-A1V12/B1V12: drawing (pdf)
P612 Series: specifications sheet (pdf)

P613-A, B, C1V12/A, B, C1V24: drawing (pdf)
P613-K1V12/K2V12/K1V24: drawing (pdf)
P613 Series: specifications sheet (pdf)
P613-K Series: specifications sheet (pdf)
P613-K Series: instructions (pdf)

Q610-A1V00/A, B, C1V12/A, B, C1V24: drawing (pdf)
Q610 Shutdown Kit: installation (pdf)

Q613-A1V12/A1V24: drawing (pdf)


DC Contactor Literature

Bear Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)
Bear Family: "build-a-part" guide (pdf)
Bear: 114-1211-020 drawing (pdf)
Bear: installation (pdf)

Defender Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)
Defender Family: "build-a-part" guide (pdf)
Defender: 404-XX31-032 drawing (pdf)
Defender: installation (pdf)

High Performance Plastic Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)
Hi-Perform. Plastic Family: "build-a-part" guide (pdf)
Hi-Perform. Plastic: 784-1221-020 drawing (pdf)
Hi-Perform. Plastic: installation (pdf)

Metal Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)
Metal Family: "build-a-part" guide (pdf)
Metal: 974 Series drawing (pdf)
Metal: installation (pdf)

Plastic Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)
Plastic Family: "build-a-part" guide (pdf)
Plastic: 832-1221-210 drawing (pdf)
Plastic: installation (pdf)

PowerSeal Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)
PowerSeal Family: "build-a-part" guide (pdf)
PowerSeal: 684-XX11 Series drawing (pdf)
PowerSeal: installation (pdf)

Reversing Polarity Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)
Reversing Polarity Family: "build-a-part" guide (pdf)
Reversing Polarity: 214 Series drawing (pdf)
Reversing Polarity: installation (pdf)


Electronic Controls Literature

Electronic Controls Family Sales Bulletin (pdf)

S500-A5: instructions (pdf)
S500-A5: drawing (pdf)

S500-A50: instructions (pdf)
S500-A50: drawing (pdf)

S500-A6: instructions (pdf)
S500-A6: drawing (pdf)

S500-A60: instructions (pdf)
S500-A60: drawing (pdf)

S500-A7: instructions (pdf)
S500-A7: drawing (pdf)

S500-A70: instructions (pdf)
S500-A70: drawing (pdf)

S500-A300: instructions (pdf)
S500-A300: drawing (pdf)